The NissanConnect Services App

The NissanConnect Services app offers remote access to safety and convenience features, provides vehicle information and lets you program personalised alerts.

Go to your NissanConnect Services app to discover, purchase and manage your services inside Nissan Store

• Lock and unlock your car at the touch of a button!
• Check the charge in your Nissan wherever you are!
• Preheat your Nissan without needing to leave bed!



ONLINE ACTIVATION - No need for additional equipment installation.

GUIDANCE - Receive notifications related to Theft or Towing directly in the app.

CROSS-BORDER SUPPORT - Worried about theft in foreign countries? Nissan Service providers have extensive network within Europe

DIRECT LAW ENFORCEMENT AUTHORITIES CONTACT - Nissan Service providers have direct connection with law enforcement authorities within Europe to share tracking information and support the recovery of your vehicle.

REMOTE BLOCKAGE - In some scenarios, law enforcement authorities may ask to block the engine from being started to support recovery. Tracking operators collaborate seamlessly to keep the process smooth.

Smart alerts are notifications you can customise yourself regarding how, where and at what time your car is used.

SPEED ALERT - When you lend your Nissan to someone else you can set a speed threshold and receive alerts when they go above it.

CURFEW ALERT - Don’t want your car driven after a certain time? Just let the app know what your preferred operating times are and it will help you stick to them.

AREA ALERT - You can set a geographical driving boundary around any area from the app and receive an alert whenever your vehicle enters or exits the area.

Check your car’s health with the app’s Vehicle Health Report feature and receive evaluations including any recent malfunction alerts.

TYRE PRESSURE - Check your tyre pressure from the app at any time so you can plan ahead in case they need inflating.

OIL PRESSURE - You receive a notification directly on your smartphone when your car has low oil pressure.

AIRBAGS STATUS - It’s always good to know the state of the airbags before you go on any journey. If there is a malfunction with your airbags you will be notified by the app.

What Smartphone / device can the NissanConnect Services App be used on?

NissanConnect Services app is compatible with most iOS and Android smartphones:

•Any iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch on IOS 11 or above

•Please refer to the Google Play Store for Android devices

Make sure that your device has the latest software update before downloading the NissanConnect Services app.


Features available depending on version, as standard or only as option (at an extra charge).

To use NissanConnect Services you need a smartphone with compatible iOS or Android operating system and a SIM card with data option from a mobile service provider. Download the free NissanConnect Services app and create a username and password. Connect your smartphone with your vehicle equipped with NissanConnect Services by logging in using your username and password. All services are subject to mobile network coverage. The use of “In-Car WiFI” is made possible via an integrated wireless internet connection. Data packets are obtained via our roaming partner [Orange or affiliated local provider] and in accordance with their terms and conditions. “In-Car WiFi” available for an additional charge on subscription. For further information, please contact your local Nissan dealer.

Nissan Store services are available depending on country, model, grade and service period. Some services will be subject to a fee for the subscription period detailed in the NissanConnect Services app. For more information please visit your NissanConnect Services app, Nissan website, Nissan dealer or call center ( phone, number).