Why is electric better? If you are in the market for a new or used car, the possibilities are so much wider if you consider electric vehicles. Here at Trenton, we want you to know why electric cars are gaining popularity so fast and how they could benefit you.

The electric range

Environmentally friendly and economical running costs are a given, but here’s what else you can get from our range of electric vehicles


    The benefits of electric technology

    Often when a customer is looking at moving to an electric vehicle they focus on lower emissions and lower fuel costs. These are without doubt two of the biggest benefits, but there are also savings to be made on road tax and maintenance costs. Plus they offer some of the most incredible driving experiences you might ever have.

    Whether you decide to go with a hybrid or a fully-electric engine, choosing electric will guarantee you a number of benefits.

    • Lower your carbon footprint
    • Improve your fuel efficiency
    • Reduce your running costs
    • Enjoy a super smooth driving experience

    Types of electric power

      Electric Vehicle (EV) Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs or EVs) are powered by 100% electric technology. High-quality lithium-ion batteries power electric motors that result in totally emission-free driving. Smooth and silent to drive, these cars are packed with technology.
      Mild Hybrid Mild hybrids have both a traditional fuel engine and an electric motor to power them. The electric batteries in mild hybrids do not require connection to an external power source because they use regenerative braking technology to keep them charged.
      Plug-in Hybrid Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles, which are often referred to as PHEVs, also use a combination of electric and fuel. However, these hybrids need to be recharged from an external power source. They offer excellent fuel efficiency and seamless transitions between power sources.

      Electric Vehicles FAQs

      What is a plug-in hybrid vehicle?

      A plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) has both a traditional combustion engine and an electric motor. The electric battery must be recharged by plugging in to an electrical source.

      Where can I charge my electric car?

      There are several options for charging your electric car, including home charging. Speak to the team at Trenton for advice.

      How much does it cost to run an electric car?

      On average, a fully electric car will cost approximately 2-4 pence per mile to run. This is considerably cheaper than a diesel or petrol car.

      What is regenerative braking?

      This process is a method of harnessing power created during the braking process. It is used to recharge the battery in some electric vehicles.

      Are electric cars safe?

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      Because they don’t use fossil fuels or produce dangerous gases, electric cars are generally considered safer than conventional cars.

      How often do hybrid batteries need replacing?

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      Modern hybrid batteries often come with a warranty for 100,000 miles, but are designed to last for much longer. Often longer than 150,000 miles.

      What are alternative fuels?

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      Alternative fuels refer to non-fossil fuels. In this case, electricity.

      Do hybrid cars cost more to maintain?

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      There is no evidence to suggest that, in general, hybrid vehicles cost any more to maintain than standard gasoline cars.

      Can I charge my electric car at home?

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      Home charging of an electric car is possible. Often via a standard electric outlet or, for improved charging times, via a specially installed home charge point.

      What is the best hybrid car?

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      There is an increasing number of hybrid cars available on the market. Here at Trenton, we believe that the Citroën C5 Aircross, Peugeot 3008 SUV Hybrid and Peugeot 508 Hybrid represent some of the best electric technology available.

      What is the best used hybrid car to buy?

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      The best used hybrid will really depend on your requirements of the vehicle. For example, if you need a stylish city car, the Peugeot 508 Hybrid is ideal. Why not have a chat with one of our hybrid experts for free, tailored advice?

      How do I charge my hybrid car?

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      Your hybrid car can be charged easily by connecting it to a suitable power source either at home or at a public charge station.

      How does a hybrid car save energy?

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      Because a hybrid uses a mixture of internal combustion engine and an electric motor, it is not as reliant on petrol or diesel, and therefore pollutes less and saves drivers’ money through fuel savings.

      What is an electric car?

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      An electric car uses one or more electric motors which are powered by energy stored in rechargeable batteries.

      How do I drive a hybrid car efficiently?

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      Much like a standard fuel car, the best way to drive efficiently is to make sure your tyres are well cared for and minimise any extra weight in the vehicle.

      How does an electric car work?

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      All-electric vehicles (EVs) are powered by an electric motor alone. These are powered by energy stored in large traction battery packs which require recharging.

      Are electric cars worth it?

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      It is estimated that electric car charging costs can be as little as £2-4 per 100 miles, depending on your electricity tariff.

      Are electric vehicles cheaper to run than petrol?

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      Electric vehicles are generally considered to be cheaper to run than petrol cars but, for an accurate estimate, you should compare the specifics of your chosen vehicle as they can vary greatly from model to model.

      Are electric cars better for the environment?

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      Electric cars are better for the environment because they have much lower or - in the case of fully electric cars - no harmful emissions.

      What electric cars are available?

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      Here at Trenton, we have a superb range of electric vehicles including the Nissan LEAF, the Peugeot e-2008 and the stylish Citroën C5 Aircross SUV Hybrid. Come and take a browse or book a test drive to feel the electric power.

      Should I buy an electric car?

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      With a reduction in both fuel emissions and fuel consumption, you can expect to benefit from a better carbon footprint and cost savings if you buy an electric car.

      Are all electric cars automatic?

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      Electric cars tend to be automatic because they do not require a clutch. Most manufacturers produce electric cars with an automatic transmission.

      How far can an electric car go?

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      Mild and plug-in hybrids have driving ranges of between 10-50 miles in electric-only mode. Fully electric cars have far greater driving ranges with some models offering up to a 300-mile driving range.

      How many miles can an electric car go?

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      The range of your electric car depends on the make and model. Most hybrids can achieve a drive range of between 10-50 miles in electric only, while fully electric vehicles can offer up to 300 miles.

      How long does it take to charge an electric car?

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      Charge times vary depending on the make and model of the electric car. A typical 60kWh battery takes just under eight hours to charge at a 7kW charging point. However, at a 50kW rapid charger, a full charge can take just 35 minutes.

      Why is electric better? Got a question or need help with an electric vehicle? If you are in the market for a new or used car, the possibilities are so much wider if you consider electric vehicles. Here at Trenton, we want you to know why electric cars are gaining popularity so fast and how they could benefit you.