KGM Motors UK launches new car dealership corporate identity to support global brand transformation

KGM Motors UK confirmed its name change from SsangYong Motors UK to KGM Motors on 19th December last year supporting KGM Global with its new brand purpose and future strategy following its own transition from SsangYong Motor Company.

The new, modern, KGM global corporate identity signals a departure from its traditional manufacturing-driven business model and represents the first step towards the company's vision of becoming a new-generation full mobility business, with a strong commitment to developing innovative and sustainable mobility solutions for all.


Kevin Griffin, managing director of KGM Motors UK, commented: " Our brand promise is based on honesty and integrity, which is the foundation of KGM Motor UK's mission. We have embraced the global corporate identity change, a cornerstone of our vision, which will enhance brand perception and help achieve customer satisfaction. The implementation of the corporate identity programme marks a pivotal shift as the brand steers beyond traditional manufacturing and sales. The ultimate vision is to focus on the application of a modern brand that is future-oriented, utilises new technologies, ventures into electrification, autonomous driving, and connectivity. The rebrand is an important and fundamental steppingstone.”

In-line with the new KGM Global ethos, KGM Motors UK is committed to embracing the changes, and will continue to provide the highest level of service to its customers. This commitment is realised through the provision of reliable, quality vehicles designed with customer comfort and safety in mind, with much support from its 73-strong dealer network.



Andrew Cookson, head of franchising at KGM Motors UK, said; “We’re an ambitious growing brand, and the new corporate identity is a great opportunity for us to work with our partners to improve the quality of our dealerships and customer service – we’re committed to exploring and implementing innovative solutions in the UK market to achieve this objective. Whilst other brands are restructuring and may be reducing its number of dealers in favour of the agency model, we see this as an opportunity to fill our remaining open points. We’ll be rolling out the programme in January and anticipate completion by mid-2014.”

The dealer signage will feature the KGM name set to the right of the brands iconic winged logo, which pays homage to KGM’s heritage since 1954. This corporate identity (CI) change will introduce a new refined brand colour scheme, where white on black replaces the current white on blue colour palette. Internal showrooms feature a black wall with winged logo in the customer waiting area and refreshed, modern point-of-sale materials.

The recent progress in brand image and profile underscores significant growth, reflective of a strong product range that has increased exponentially since its launch in the UK. Utilising luxury materials and cutting-edge technology, KGM vehicles possess high-quality features, steering away from the conventional ‘value for money’ perception. KGM’s focus remains unwavering: producing vehicles of exceptional quality.

With a proud automotive legacy spanning over 70-years, KGM remains South Korea's foremost SUV company, poised to redefine itself as a mobility pioneer for the future.

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