Charge easy. Pay monthly.

£200 OFF an E.ON Vestel or Pod Point Solo 3 EV home charger*

You can spread the cost of your EV home charger and installation with your Nissan monthly vehicle instalments,

making it easy and affordable to charge your EV at home.


Smart Home Charging

Join the Pod Point ecosystem for smarter home, public and workplace charging. Its extensive network connects drivers with over 7,300 charging bays, there’s easy in app features to help you charge at home more conveniently, as well as expert support from customer service.

Why are home charge points better than 3-pin plugs?

It will take longer to charge your EV with a 3-pin plug as they are not designed to support the kinds of loads that your vehicle requires.

Why do I need to install a home charger?

Dedicated charge points are specifically designed to handle the load and time periods that EV charging require. They are installed on new electrical circuits and meet the evolving regulatory standards to guard against electrical risk. This makes dedicated home chargers a far safer choice.

Charging. 7kW charging power.

Connectors. Universal socket or tethered version (Type 1 - 4.8m or Type 2 - 7.5m).

Warranty. The partnership with Pod Point gives customers an upgraded 5 year warranty as standard.

Charge activity monitoring. Track the cost of every kWh used.

Schedule charging remotely. Schedule your EV to charge during off-peak hours.

Auto Power Balancing. Charge without disrupting your home.

Automatic software updates. Ensuring your charge point is always up to date with the latest features.


The affordable charging solution

E.ON Next’s home charger makes home charging easy. Just plug in your EV overnight and it’ll be raring to go in the morning, just like you. You can stay connected via the app while you’re on the go, and schedule your charging sessions for when it suits you best. It’s easy to monitor with its clear, simple features, and there’s a 24/7 customer helpline in case you need assistance.

Why are home charge points better than 3-pin plugs?

An EV home charger charges faster and gives you access to a variety of smart features. Like being able to track your spending and set your charger timer for the cheapest off-peak rates via the app.

Why do I need to install a home charger?

A dedicated home EV charger is designed specifically to charge an electric car battery. It’s compatible with the latest electrical circuits and meets the evolving regulatory standards to guard against electrical risk. That makes it the safest way to charge at home.

Charging. Up to 7.4kW of charging capacity.

Schedule charging remotely. Set your car to charge at a time that is convenient to you most.

Smartphone app connectivity. Control remotely and monitor or adjust energy usage, costs and energy supply.

Dynamic power balancing. Balance the energy usage between your EV charging unit and the rest of the electric appliances in your home.

Charge your way. Choose between tethered or non-tethered to suit your needs.

Durable. IP54 water and dust resistant, allowing for safe installation indoors or outdoors. Plus flame resistant 5VA plastic housing.

The Pod Point App enables you to;

Monitor home, public and workplace charger activity remotely.

Schedule cheaper charging times.

Locate convenient public charge points.

Securely pay for public charge points.

Connect to your charger from anywhere with E.ON Home App

Set charging schedules.

Lock & unlock your charger remotely.

Track energy consumption and costs.

Manage multiple users.

*£200 off the RRP (as of 16.02.24) of an E.ON Vestel or Pod Point 7kW EV home charger when purchased with a new or used Nissan via cash or as part of your Nissan vehicle finance, before 31.03.24. Retail customers only, subject to status. Includes standard installation. E.ON & Pod Point terms apply.