New Citroën ë-Berlingo Introducing the New Citroën ë-Berlingo Available at Trenton today!


A pioneer in leisure vehicles since 1996, Citroën presents its new Berlingo, combining all the features of its predecessors with significant modern advances. New Citroën Berlingo is innovative and bold offering in terms of design, modularity and practicality.


Spacious, comfortable and customisable, New Citroën Berlingo stands out thanks to its many features: a record amount of free space, exceptional modularity with 3 retractable individual rear seats, multiple storage compartments with a new-generation Modutop® multifunctional roof and a new selection of colours and materials with different interior combinations.


New Citroën Berlingo's strong, attractive lines are innovative. Modern and playful, it comes in 2 lengths: the standard size M measures 4.40m long, while the new XL size is 4.75m long.

The M body style can seat up to 5 people whilst the XL can carry 7 in pure comfort.

The front of New Citroën Berlingo features strong markers: a higher and shorter grille, a brand-identifying front panel with the signature two-tier light and a forward-set windscreen providing more space and brightness.

The car’s body is also topped by roof bars and embellished with Airbump® design accentuating its strong appearance, while also emphasising the dependable protection offered by the bodywork.

    Citroën Berlingo - M (5 Seat)
    Seating five people with ease, the Berlingo M revolves around comfort. It has a length of 4,403mm and a height of 1,844mm. Boot space is impressive, offering a maximum of 2,126 litres for all your storage needs.
    Citroën Berlingo - XL (7 Seat)
    The Berlingo XL is a capable seven-seater and therefore has slightly bigger dimensions than its smaller companion. Its length is 4,753mm and its height is 1,849mm. It has a maximum boot space of 2,693 litres.
    Driving with peace of mind
    In complete safety, with 19 driver assistance systems
    With complete connectivity, thanks to the 8” touchscreen