New Citroën Ami Introducing the New Citroën Ami Available at Trenton today!

​New Citroën Ami

Very likely the most adorable looking car around, the cute and quirky new Citroën Ami is also one of the most affordable vehicles money can buy. It’s extremely cost-effective to run too, and while it may only offer room for two, this is very much part of its charm, not to mention its city-friendly attributes.

The Ami takes up very little room on the road, it’s ultra-manoeuvrable and it fits into parking spaces other small cars can’t quite manage. The Citroën Ami is a surprisingly spacious two-seater too – and when you factor in things like its lively urban acceleration, it makes for a most intriguing automotive proposition.

    With a big door on either flank, getting in and out of the Ami is never an issue. Inside, the co-passenger footwell offers 64 litres’ worth of storage space, and the driver is provided with automatic transmission, which allows for easy Drive, Neutral and Reverse operation.
    My AMI Colour
    A colourful and distinct style Choose from: Orange, Grey and Blue to give your AMI a touch of colour.
    AMI Pop
    The next-tier Pop trim adds dashboard storage compartments and a whole range of grade-specific accoutrements, such as lower-door and rear-window decals, and special wheel trims.
    AMI Tonic
    The AMI Tonic is ready to explore the city, this model has a plethora of equipment for your needs
    Range 46-mile all-electric range
    Eco-friendly Zero-emissions motoring
    Sky’s the limit Panoramic glass roof
    If you have any questions or would like to book a test drive, please get in touch with the team at our Grimsby or Hull showroom today. Your Next Steps