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All-new Peugeot Partner has a robust front with a vertical grille and sculpted headlights. The proportions are perfectly balanced with a short, horizontal bonnet, a high waist line and reduced overhang. We’ve paid special attention to the acoustic comfort too, which is so essential to people who spend long hours on the road.

Right up with best in the sector, LONG versions with Multi-Flex seating boast a maximum load length of 3.44m. Even STANDARD versions can take 2 Euro pallets, and load volume goes up to 4.40m3 on LONG versions with Multi-Flex seating. All-new Peugeot Partner is built on a variation of the EMP2 platform which underpins the brand’s latest models. This proven base enables shorter overhangs and a short turning radius for easier manoeuvring: the turning circle between pavements is therefore only 10.82m for STANDARD versions and 11.43m for LONG versions.

With all-new Peugeot Partner, be one of the first lucky ones to enjoy Surround Rear Vision. This innovation makes driving easier and safer, letting you easily check your driving environment where visibility is limited.

Using two cameras, views of the van’s immediate surroundings are displayed on a screen positioned in place of the rear view mirror. Especially useful for versions with unglazed rear doors and those models with a solid bulkhead.

This system has 3 components:
- A camera mounted in the door-mirror relays images from the passenger side of the vehicle and improves blind spot visibility.
- A long-range rear visibility function.
- A reversing camera function

With Surround Rear Vision, you’ll no longer need to choose between improving your safety by increasing your viewing area, and securing your load further by opting for a solid bulkhead or unglazed doors.

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