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Peugeot e-208

With over 30 years of experience, we at Trenton still get a thrill from the release of a new car, and the all-electric Peugeot e-208 has to be one of the best. Not only because of its innovative technology, but also because it is accessible and affordable for our customers.

We know you are going to love this model. The fully electric powertrain delivers uncompromising performance, while the French elegance for which Peugeot is renowned has been enhanced and magnified with a superb interior and incredible technological boost. The iCockpit features a 3D head-up digital display panel that projects all the information you need into your field of vision and is fully configurable so it will show your preferred instruments and data, providing real-time information about the electric powertrain and its performance.

The whole car is energising. The smooth yet instantly reactive performance of the e-208 comes courtesy of the 50kWh high-performance battery that provides a superb driving range of up to 217 miles. Recharging is easy and quick, with fast charging making an 80% charge possible in less than 30 minutes.

But it is the drive of the e-208 that really stands out. The sharp acceleration contrasts the serenely quiet drive for a futuristic and modern experience like you have never enjoyed before. All this thrill and absolutely no emissions make this car highly desirable and, thanks to our incredible offers, highly accessible. Plus, there are promotions and incentives available for home wall box installations and charging subscriptions, which can make your purchase even more economical.

To find out more about the all-new Peugeot e-208, get in touch with the team at Trenton today and book yourself a test drive so that you can experience the 2020 European Car of the Year for yourself.

    Peugeot e-208 - Active Premium
    • 16” alloy wheels
    • 7” capacitive colour touchscreen
    • LED daytime running lights
    • Rear parking sensors
    • Manual air conditioning
    Peugeot e-208 - Allure Premium
    • PEUGEOT 3D i-Cockpit
    • Visio Park 1 (180° colour reversing camera)
    • Automatic air conditioning
    • 4 USB sockets
    • ‘Cozy’ leather effect and ‘Isabella’ cloth seat trim
    Peugeot e-208 - GT
    • 17” alloy wheels
    • 10” capacitive colour touchscreen
    • Connected 3D Navigation
    • Full LED headlights with Smartbeam assist
    • GT badging & styling
    Peugeot e-208 - GT Premium
    • PEUGEOT Open & GO (keyless entry)
    • Adaptive cruise control with Stop & Go
    • Lane positioning assist (auto gearbox)
    • 17” Bronx alloy wheels
    Peugeot e-208
    Peugeot e-208
    Peugeot e-208
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