Peugeot 3008 Motability Offers

HRMC/PIP/AFIP Recipients WPMS Recipients Vehicle Information
Model VTN Advance Payment Allowance Advance Payment Allowance Fuel GearBox CO2
3008 Active Premium 1.2L PureTech 130682207£949T/A £0 £70Petrol Manual 141
3008 Allure 1.2L PureTech 130682205£1249T/A £120T/A Petrol Manual 141
3008 Allure 1.2L PureTech 130 EAT8 682204£1649T/A £520T/A Petrol Automatic 146
3008 Allure Premium 1.2L Pure Tech 130682201£1399T/A £270T/A Petrol Manual 141
3008 Allure Premium 1.2L PureTech 130 EAT8682200£1799T/A £670T/A Petrol Automatic 146
3008 GT 1.2L PureTech 130682197£1649T/A £520T/A Petrol Manual 142
3008 GT 1.2L PureTech 130 EAT8682196£2049T/A £920T/A Petrol Automatic 147
3008 GT Premium 1.2L PureTech 130 EAT8682192£2549T/A £1420T/A Petrol Automatic 147
3008 Active Premium 1.5L BlueHDi 130682206£749T/A £0 £69Diesel Manual152
3008 Allure 1.5L BlueHDi 130682203£1049T/A £130£70Diesel Manual 130
3008 Allure 1.5L BlueHDi 130 EAT8682202£1449T/A £320T/A Diesel Automatic136
3008 Allure Premium 1.5L BlueHDi 130682199£1199T/A £70T/A Diesel Manual130
3008 Allure Premium 1.5L BlueHDi 130 EAT8682198£1499T/A £470T/A Diesel Automatic136
3008 GT 1.5L BLueHDi 130682194£1449T/A £320T/A Diesel Manual 131
3008 GT 1.5L BlueHDi 130 EAT8682193£1849T/A £720T/A Diesel Automatic137
3008 GT Premium 1.5L BlueHDi 130 EAT8682190£2349T/A £1220T/A Diesel Automatic 137


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