Why Go Electric or Hybrid? Electric and hybrid vehicles have evolved to the point where they’ve become a viable alternative to regular cars. Indeed, they signify a sustainable motoring future. Let’s take a look at the Peugeot electric and hybrid range…

The Peugeot EV Model Line Up

With a wide choice of electric and hybrid vehicles available, you’ll have no problem finding a super-efficient and low-emission (or zero-emission) Peugeot model that’s perfect for your needs.

    E_TRAVERLLER Group travel doesn’t come much better than this; the e-Traveller offers heaps of interior space and comes well-specified as standard – and naturally, it’s very affordable to run.
    e-308 SW A refined family-friendly estate car with a spacious and comfortable interior, generously proportioned boot and plenty of standard-issue tech.

    Electric Vehicles Explained.

    Featuring an all-electric range roughly between 182 and 188 miles*

    Electric vehicles are powered by an electric motor which, in turn, is powered by a high-capacity battery which requires external charging (at home, at work or out and about). Electric vehicles represent the most efficient form of motoring – and the greenest since they produce zero CO2 emissions.

    Electric The e-Rifter is an example of a pure-electric Peugeot vehicle that delivers low running costs and leaves a carbon-neutral tyre print while offering plenty of all-electric range between charges. This smooth-driving MPV provides plenty of interior space and offers a comfortable ride too. view stock
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    Please study our most frequently asked electric and hybrid vehicle questions. If by the end you still have queries, please don’t hesitate to contact your local Trenton Peugeot branch.

    What are the pros and cons of electric cars?


    Electric pros:

    • Zero CO2 and NOx emissions
    • Very low running costs
    • Instant torque (facilitating enhanced acceleration)
    • Relaxed driving experience (thanks to a near-silent drivetrain)
    • Exemption from Vehicle Excise Duty (VED)
    • Benefit-in-kind (BIK) tax relief for eligible company employees
    • Other buying incentives, such as the government’s low-emission vehicles grant (https://www.gov.uk/plug-in-vehicle-grants)

    Electric cons:

    • Manual charging is required
    • Range anxiety (due to the possibility of running out of battery power)
    • More expensive than regular variants

    What are pros and cons of hybrid/plug- in hybrid cars?


    Hybrid/plug-in hybrid pros:

    • Lower emissions
    • Lower running costs
    • Instant torque
    • Fuel and/or electric-only power options (plug-in hybrid models)
    • Self-charging battery (hybrid models only)
    • Reduced VED liability (plug-in hybrids)
    • BIK relief and other buying incentives
    • Stronger resale value compared with regular cars

    Hybrid/plug-in hybrid cons:

    • Plug-in hybrids require external charging
    • More expensive than regular cars

    How do I charge my electric car?


    Via the electric cable supplied with your car or a tethered cable (one that’s connected to a vehicle-charging unit); you can charge at home, at work or at a public access point.

    How fast can I charge my electric car?


    A dedicated wallbox will produce the fastest home-charging results while rapid charging is possible at the majority of public stations. For instance, it takes roughly 36 minutes for the e-208’s battery to go from 20 to 80 percent with a rapid-charging connector.

    What is the range of an electric car?


    This depends on the size of the vehicle and battery capacity. For example, the e-Traveller is large and offers a maximum 148-mile range while the much smaller e-208 is capable of up to 225 miles.